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Swift is a programming language invented by Apple and used across all of their products. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular programming languages for both mobile and web due to its elegance, power and simplicity.


Javascript is the language of the web. Whether you are wanting to write vanilla JS, CoffeScript, or AtScript, we have something for everyone. We often post content on many of the latest and greatest frameworks such as Angular and React as well.


Ruby is one of the most popular, and fun to use languages for the web. Ruby was made popular by the Rails framework, so of course we feature a lot of content on not just the ruby programming language, but also tips and tutorials for the Rails framework.


Go is a low-level language invented by Google. It is especially useful for hardware, web, and more recently Android app development. We are just beginning to create content for Go, but you'll find some interesting topics nonetheless.


Regardless of what programming language you prefer, learning the basic elements of design is always a crucial fundamental knowledge. We feature simple tutorials that teach these fundamentals in a simple and fun way.


We just started producing tutorials for Android. We noticed that there was a lack of content in the community as a whole so we aim to fill the gaps and approach Android development with Java, RubyMotion, React Native and Go.