We are now Unicorn.TV!!

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We have been struggling with our brand for a while now. We originally launched in June 2014 as SwiftCast.TV to be a blog focused on iOS development with Swift. Since then, we’ve expanded to cover other languages and frameworks, which did not fit under the SwiftCast brand. Thus, we are excited to officially announce that we are now Unicorn.TV.

Why Unicorn?

The fine folks that bring you this very website also run a dev shop called Unicorn. We believe that each of us are ourselves, unicorns (meaning we each specialize in multiple disciplines such as design and development) and as such, we aim to use this platform to teach our ways to create other mythical and rare developers.

Where’s the content?

We just launched the new website, and we have to shuffle content around to the various subdomains. Over the next couple weeks, you should see our existing content categorized and launched under these three subdomains to start:

What’s next?

2015 has already been an eventful year for us, and we are only halfway through. In the coming months, we will be launching a community publishing platform to allow for open contribution channels. We are also toying with the idea of integrating an assessment tool that would allow us to vet retention and comprehension of the concepts taught on this site.