Alphabet, Principle, Slack API Hack, Angular and Swift Tips

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News: What is up with Google/Alphabet?

This one is odd, and does not relate to most of the content we post, but we are still perplexed nonetheless. Between the aunouncement of Alphabet as a parent company, and the excessive use of .xyz TLD’s we are all a little curious about what Google’s future will look like. Oh and puppies.

Design: Principle for Mac

Not all products make us drool, but the video for Principle totally did. The app makes prototyping animations a breeze, with simple timelines, drag-and-drop linking, and easy exporting. This will probably be a regular part of our own arsenal moving forward, so you should definitely check it out!

Ruby: Programmatically Send Slack Invitations

We have said it before: we love slack. If only they would launch some concept of public communities! In the meantime, we managed to dig into some undocumented API endpoints in order to invite users to our group programmatically. Now we will share this little hack with you!

JavaScript: Using Jade and SASS with Angular

Israel did a great writeup on leveraging Jade and SASS on your Angular projects. If you are not familiar with these tools already, you should definitely check them out. Both help you write less code, validate what you do write, and give you awesome syntactic sugar!

Swift: Tips for using Obj-C Libraries

Whether you are a seasoned iOS developer or a beginner, you will inevitably encounter issues using Obj-C and Swift together. These bugs are easy enough to squash if you know what pitfalls to avoid or how to translate vague error messages. Check out this post by Jiran for a great starting point!