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It’s Cyber Monday, and subscriptions are half off! We have been working hard these last months to produce new content across all language topics on the Unicorn.TV website. With dozens of new articles and a few new screencasts, we are back and ready to kick-ass as we end 2016.

Functional Programming in Swift

Swift makes for a great functional language with standard library support for closures, array methods like map/filter/reduce, and structs which pass-by-value. This article will help you identify the core constructs, patterns and methodologies to functional programming in Swift. Still, it is equally important to understand the object-oriented principles as well, so if you are not already familiar with them, you may want to start there.

Learn how to build a Haiku iOS App with us!

In this tutorial series, we will be creating a Haiku application. The goal of the app is to help the user by counting syllables as they write so that the poem conforms to traditional 5-7-5 syllable haikus. It will then let them view, share, edit and delete haikus from the device.

We just released a short book called Confessions of a Hacker. In this book, we teach you some of the tricks and tools used by hackers to penetrate servers and software. We also teach you the most important approaches to securing your own applications.

Unconventional Rails: CMS with API Caching

As an agency, we have built some cool things over the years and learned to tackle some tough challenges. One of which was hosting the Samsung Unplugged event. Working closely with Google/Youtube engineers we built a Rails backend in a matter of days with some K.I.S.S. principles in order to make a scaleable API capable of serving millions of requests per second without tremendous hosting costs.

Fundamentals of Design

To become a “unicorn” in the tech world, you have to posses some pretty versatile and powerful skills. Design is probably one of the most vital to developers after mastering the art of programming. We are working on a book about “Becoming a Unicorn” and some of that has lead to these short introductions to design fundamentals.

Check out our latest Sexy Mobile Design Kit. We have been working on some internal products lately, but since we are a small team, we realized that some of these great designs will never reach the marketplace through us. Thus, we hope that this kit helps someone else become inspired or have the UI tools to build their own sexy app!

New ruby content, yay!

We are really excited to have Eric O'Rear showing us Ruby from a beginner’s point of view. As he learns and masters the language, he is explaining his lessons and showing us the challenges along the way. Check out his latest articles on Algorithms and Project Euler Number 2. We are also giving away some new secrets that power Unicorn.TV and other products of ours. Look out for new content throughout December!

De-feathering Flappy Bird

Oscar has been learning more gaming concepts these past weeks, and the result of that has been a deconstruction of common tutorials such as Flappy Bird. In this article he breaks down the code and helps you disseminate it, rather than teaching you step-by-step how to build the game.