Privacy Policy

This policy was written by a simple human for other humans to simply understand. The short version: we take your privacy seriously and do not have corporate sponsors to which we would share your information. We're just a couple of dudes making content for people like you.

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Website Privacy

In the context of this website, we only collect minimal information for user login and authentication. If an email is provided, we automatically enroll you in our newsletter (which you can unsubscribe from through mailchimp) and invite you to our private Slack community. If you do not wish to share an email address, you can login with Twitter which does not store your email on our website and thus does not enroll you in our newsletter or invite you to slack.

Slack Privacy

Slack offers instant messaging on a private basis (think of it like a more modern IRC) but the communities are private only. This means that any contact information given to Slack IS available to other members in the same Slack community, but is not accessible to the general public. Conversations shared in the slack community follow the same privacy rules, and private conversations on Slack are not accessed by anyone but the participants of that conversation.

Flourish App

If you use our iOS journal application, Flourish, this privacy section applies to you. Flourish is a secure journal application which encrypts your data and stores it on iCloud. The data is not readable by anyone without access to your password, which is also not stored anywhere. Each time you use the application, the password is only cached in memory while the app is in use and is purged when the app goes to background. Flourish requests access to your healthkit data only to record your activity level (in the form of pedometer steps) for the entry. This data is stored for analysis and correlation between mood and sentiment of your journal entry. You may deny HealthKit access and still use the application unimpeded.